When it takes only a few clicks to find the best deals across the globe, going the extra mile for your customers can be absolutely essential to keep your ecommerce site afloat. If your site doesn’t make use of these ecommerce essentials, website redesign may be your best hope for the future.

Major retailers know that promotions and sales events have a powerful effect on the human psyche, and that is just as true when shopping from the comfort of your own home. Promotional deals as simple as free shipping can earn your site a cluster of new orders that may end up costing you little to nothing when prices are adjusted to reflect the discount or certain order requirements are met to earn the promotion.

Many people are wary of making purchases online, especially if they can get the same product you offer from a website that they already trust. One great way to lend credit to your brand is to borrow it from others. If you offer or compete with major brands, make use of their familiar logos and names to help credit your own brand through association.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the internet is a global marketplace where a one-size fits all payment method does not exist. Making as many payment methods as possible available can expand the reach of your site by attracting purchases that otherwise couldn’t have made an order.