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Graphic Design 101: A Short Primer

Graphic designers arrange information in an attractive, easily read manner—a must in business communications. If you’re new to the creative process, this quick primer will have you talking logos and branding with your design team in no time.

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Creating Exceptional SEO Landing Pages

Earning higher organic rankings may not be obtainable overnight, but tried and true formulas for success are available for anyone with the persistence and wherewithal to carry them out. Landing pages reign supreme as one of the few things that web developers can do to turn first time visitors into long time subscribers. Creating a first rate SEO landing page is a matter of providing the most relevant content to the target demographic of that page. Regardless of if that content is promotional or informational, when its tailor-made for its intended audience, improvements to your organic traffic will be all but assured.

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Get Started Improving Your Organic Rankings

It should come as no surprise to learn that there is no magic wand or panacea to increasing your organic traffic and improving your search engine ranking. However discouraging this may seem at first, it need not be, because while the ingredients may take work to obtain, the recipe for search engine promotion is well understood. With persistent hard work, careful planning, and a little bit of creativity, it should only take a couple of months for virtually anyone to see serious improvements to their weekly organic traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips

Over the past decade, the frontier of search engine optimization has been so thoroughly explored that SEO has become less of an art and more of a science. And while those who have mastered the terrain of SEO may have a significant starting advantage over anyone new to the search engine game, following just a few simple tips and tricks can go a long ways towards getting your content in the hands of would-be customers and readership.

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Website Redesign: Be Original and True to Your Brand

When redesigning websites, it’s tempting to replace outdated content with something that grabs visitors’ attention. While originality is applauded in marketing, veering too far from established branding confuses consumers and hurts your image. Here are some tips for creating unique sites that stay true to your brand.

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Keep Your Site (and Your Visitors) Safe with Virus Inoculation

If your website becomes infected with malware, it could damage the reputation of your brand, ward away potential visitors until the problem is resolved, and even detour long time readership to second guess if they want to return to your site once more.

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Why should you Streamline your existing static HTML into a Content Management System

Dynamic content has always posed a problem with static websites. The issue is the overhead to constantly make updates in a very inefficient manner. By converting an existing HTML/XHTML site into a CMS you gain the ease of simple and intuitive administration over your content. This advanced way of delivering content can streamline your delivery and reduce your website overhead extremely. If you are seeking a Content Management System and do not know where to turn, contact us today

Increasing Security During Database Development

The database is a storage system—it organizes and catalogues information about a website. While databases aren’t just for websites, most websites run off of one or more databases. Since the database is necessary for any company website (or program) to run smoothly, careful measures must be taken to increase security and promote virus inoculation.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Custom PHP Coding

PHP is a server-side scripting language that tells the server what to send to your web browser. Using custom PHP, web developers can also make HTML CSS modifications that are sent to the web browser. While PHP is a relatively safe and easy scripting language, there are some tips and tricks web developers should adhere to in order to avoid server crashes and security issues.

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Should You Choose Custom Website Design or Custom Web Templates?

When hiring a web designer, consider whether you want to commission a custom site design or a custom template. Both are tailored to your needs and give your site a unique look. Your web-coding skills, budget and future plans will likely determine which option you choose. Here are the pros and cons of both.

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