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Should You Choose Custom Website Design or Custom Web Templates?

When hiring a web designer, consider whether you want to commission a custom site design or a custom template. Both are tailored to your needs and give your site a unique look. Your web-coding skills, budget and future plans will likely determine which option you choose. Here are the pros and cons of both.

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The Benefits of Constant Web Development

While static websites were the norm decades ago, that isn’t the case today. Website development is now an ongoing process of updates, tweaks and maintenance—an effort that’s far from wasted. Here are five benefits of updating your business’s website.

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Hide the Seams: Making Seamless Content Integrations

While many products claim to integrate seamlessly with your website or business systems, integrations are often blatantly obvious to the end user. This can be confusing and negatively impact your branding efforts. Here are some things to aim for in order to achieve truly seamless integration.

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Positive Impressions and Brand Recognition: The Importance of Logos and Branding

A good brand communicates volumes about a business—what it offers, what its competitive advantages are and what the consumer experience will be like. When implemented consistently in everything from business card layout to website template design, good branding offers several advantages.

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Recent Developments in Web Design

Web design is constantly changing. Even designers themselves have trouble keeping up with the trends. Responsive Design, filters and a return to simplicity are just a few of the latest developments.

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Starting Your ECommerce Site: Why a CMS Can Help You

Content management systems (CMS) are one of the most recent answers to the long withstanding problem of affordable and flexible web development. CMS makes use of a database in order to save, send, and alter all content on a website. Pages are stored as text, allowing them to be easily read and altered by anyone with access to the database on which they’re stored.

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3 Essentials for Any ECommerce Site

When it takes only a few clicks to find the best deals across the globe, going the extra mile for your customers can be absolutely essential to keep your ecommerce site afloat. If your site doesn’t make use of these ecommerce essentials, website redesign may be your best hope for the future.

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HTML CSS Modifications for Beginners

In the age of computing, being technologically proficient may soon be as important as being literate. For webmasters at any stage of database development, that day may have already arrived. Fortunately, learning some basic HTML or CSS modifications isn’t only easy to carry out; they’re also fairly easy to remember.

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Making the Most of 3rd Party Software Integration

No matter what sort of website you operate, there are countless third party applications that offer something useful. Those involved in ecommerce have long known that third party software integration has become a fact of life. Without it, the wealth of features and services offered by third party software, features which today are essential to everyday business online, would be virtually unobtainable.

Making the most of third party software integration is a matter of asking yourself what kinds of problems your website faces, and then checking to see what sort of solutions are available. While there’s no shortage of canned solutions for the common colds of web design, this one-size fits all approach may cause as many problems as it solves, especially if the integrating party does not have the unified IT infrastructure necessary to carry out clean integration.

For those who aren’t masters of custom PHP coding, third party software integration firms may be the most effective solution. Such firms usually combine the expertise of IT professionals with the customizability of having your own IT staff.