Working with web developers to build custom websites can be intimidating. The final product is crucial to your business, and you want your project to stay on time and on budget. Here are three things to consider that might facilitate the process.


Web developers can’t meet expectations that aren’t communicated effectively. Make a list of site requirements before work begins, and be specific. Your online brand image should be consistent with your offline one. Some designers find it helpful to have clients show them websites they like and discuss what appeals to them.

Future Plans

What are your future plans for the site? Telling your development team about planned expansions or new technologies being considered allows them to build a site that can accommodate those changes. This saves time and money—not to mention frustration—down the road.


How will you maintain your site? Will you pay a developer to do it or will the process be in-house? If you want the ability to create new pages and update content yourself, web developers can provide templates and content management systems that allow you to do so.

Taking the time to lay out your goals and expectations before beginning a custom website design assures you of a finished product that meets your business’s needs today and can adapt to changes in the future.