While many products claim to integrate seamlessly with your website or business systems, integrations are often blatantly obvious to the end user. This can be confusing and negatively impact your branding efforts. Here are some things to aim for in order to achieve truly seamless integration.

Does the integrated piece maintain the look and feel of the rest of your site, or are visitors surprised to see a whole new interface or another company’s logo? The most professional-looking integrations are virtually undetectable to the user, mimicking to a tee the graphic design elements and layout used throughout the rest of your website.

Does an integrated product slow down your website? Poor performance can give users a negative impression of your business and make them hesitant to return.

User Experience
When integrating a product into your website, ask yourself what the users’ experience of it will be. Will they need special instructions? Will they be re-entering data they’ve already provided or signing in with a second password to remember? Seasoned Internet veterans demand speed and ease of use.

Seamless content integrations are possible when you choose the right tool for the job and a web developer who knows how to use it. The results will reinforce your company’s brand, provide added functionality to your site and create a positive user experience.