A good brand communicates volumes about a business—what it offers, what its competitive advantages are and what the consumer experience will be like. When implemented consistently in everything from business card layout to website template design, good branding offers several advantages.

There’s no question that logos are memorable. A recent study found that children as young as three recognized logos before they learned to read. Brand recognition builds trust and credibility because consumers feel familiar with your business. New product or service launches are aided by familiar logos.

Everywhere consumers look, they are bombarded with marketing materials. A unique logo and good, consistent branding help make your company’s materials stand out.

Professional Image
Some small businesses look small because they don’t invest in creating professional marketing materials. This can decrease the value of the products and services they provide in the eyes of potential customers. An up-front investment in good branding makes any business more competitive.

Perhaps even more important than creating a good logo and brand image is using them consistently throughout all of your company’s marketing materials. Repetition is key when it comes to making an impression and building brand recognition.