If your website becomes infected with malware, it could damage the reputation of your brand, ward away potential visitors until the problem is resolved, and even detour long time readership to second guess if they want to return to your site once more.

Two common sources of malware are weak passwords and phishing scams. If unauthorized personnel are able to access your web server, it takes only a few moments to place the malware necessary to devastate your site and potentially infect anyone who visits as long as the malware remains.

Protecting yourself as well as your visitors from malware may be as simple as asking your domain host if they include viral protection along with the rest of their services. It is commonly assumed that this protection is uniformly provided as a standard service, but it has become common practice within the web hosting industry to only offer such protections if specifically requested and paid for in order to offer the most competitive hosting prices possible.

Fortunately, the protections offered by web developers, when they are in place, are usually more than sufficient to guarantee the health of your website, and associated fees are often more than worthwhile to anyone pursuing website development seriously.