No matter what sort of website you operate, there are countless third party applications that offer something useful. Those involved in ecommerce have long known that third party software integration has become a fact of life. Without it, the wealth of features and services offered by third party software, features which today are essential to everyday business online, would be virtually unobtainable.

Making the most of third party software integration is a matter of asking yourself what kinds of problems your website faces, and then checking to see what sort of solutions are available. While there’s no shortage of canned solutions for the common colds of web design, this one-size fits all approach may cause as many problems as it solves, especially if the integrating party does not have the unified IT infrastructure necessary to carry out clean integration.

For those who aren’t masters of custom PHP coding, third party software integration firms may be the most effective solution. Such firms usually combine the expertise of IT professionals with the customizability of having your own IT staff.