Over the past decade, the frontier of search engine optimization has been so thoroughly explored that SEO has become less of an art and more of a science. And while those who have mastered the terrain of SEO may have a significant starting advantage over anyone new to the search engine game, following just a few simple tips and tricks can go a long ways towards getting your content in the hands of would-be customers and readership.

Landing pages can be used to help orient new traffic to your website. The best landing pages should anticipate exactly why your link was clicked and then provide highly targeted and specific content that will keep your reader engaged enough to delve deeper into your content.

You can further develop your search engine optimization by integrating your SEO landing pages with social media networks. Distributing your landing page links across the internet is made easy with social media because you’re able to easily infiltrate and serve your content to virtually any demographic. Not only can this help assure that your landing pages meet the eyes of their intended recipients, it also helps optimize your search engine rankings by improving many of the most important metrics sites like Google use to determine your ranking.