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Steve Eyres – Surelock Communications President

“I had the pleasure of working with MEC Designs using their services for a website redesign. We had an existing static html site that after several years became very bland and outdated. MEC Designs showed us some of their visions for our future website and we were sold. Their graphic design services are amazing. So amazing in fact that we did not think the concept could be produced into a browser friendly end product. MEC Designs surprised us with their ability to take any image and convert it into browser friendly code. Within the services we purchased were organic landing pages to help with the presence and rankings on search engines for several keywords. We are very impressed with the complete combination of services MEC Designs offered and the fact that our site was delivered in a timely manner with every attention towards details. I would recommend MEC Designs to any business partners and friends in need of anything web related.”
Steve Eyres – President Surelock Communications
Surelock Communications before

Surelock Communications before Redesign


Surelock Communications after Redesign