While static websites were the norm decades ago, that isn’t the case today. Website development is now an ongoing process of updates, tweaks and maintenance—an effort that’s far from wasted. Here are five benefits of updating your business’s website.

Repeat Visitors

Content changes and additions keep visitors coming back to see what’s new. Give people a reason to bookmark your site and check it frequently for new features, offers or announcements.

New Technology

Embracing the latest web technologies makes your business look professional and cutting-edge and allows you to incorporate new kinds of content. It also helps your site display properly in the latest browsers.

Current Design

Design trends change. The hot new color that’s hip and stylish today might seem out-of-touch next year. Update your corporate branding periodically and make sure your website never looks dated.

Search Engine Rankings

Moving up in search results is every website owner’s goal. Some search engines rank sites higher that are updated more often. New pages added to a website are also indexed by search engines and afford you another opportunity to get noticed.


When you update your website, you can test methods to attract more visitors. After you change your site, analyze your data to see whether traffic increases. You might discover something that ultimately leads to more views or sales.

Don’t let your website stagnate. Today’s Internet-savvy consumers gravitate toward websites that provide a positive experience, good information and always-fresh content.