When redesigning websites, it’s tempting to replace outdated content with something that grabs visitors’ attention. While originality is applauded in marketing, veering too far from established branding confuses consumers and hurts your image. Here are some tips for creating unique sites that stay true to your brand.

Pay attention to color and font choice. An unusual color can call attention to site features, but even during redesigns, corporate colors should dominate. Find new ways to incorporate them, or use shades of established colors to freshen the site’s look without compromising branding. Updated font choices can modernize the look of your site, but be sure to incorporate fonts whose look matches printed materials. Use just a few fonts; too many make pages harder to read.

When it comes to images and layout, use art that’s relevant to your brand. Choose meaningful original images instead of overused stock photography, and use similar images across all mediums. Make your site easy to navigate, and don’t hide links in pictures or place them in different spots on every page. Custom website templates help ensure that all your redesigned pages are similarly laid out.

Adding creative elements to your site that make its pages cluttered or slower to load is detrimental to branding. Freshen the look and content of your site to make it more unique, but maintain brand consistency.