Earning higher organic rankings may not be obtainable overnight, but tried and true formulas for success are available for anyone with the persistence and wherewithal to carry them out. Landing pages reign supreme as one of the few things that web developers can do to turn first time visitors into long time subscribers. Creating a first rate SEO landing page is a matter of providing the most relevant content to the target demographic of that page. Regardless of if that content is promotional or informational, when its tailor-made for its intended audience, improvements to your organic traffic will be all but assured.

Landing pages should act as a gateway to further information or as bait to capture the attention of your readers and encourage them to explore your site further. This means that the information presented should satisfy the quality and relevance demands of your readers, but also leave them curious enough to take the next step. Simple landing pages consisting of keyword dense content and calls to action find the right balance between providing enough content to be noticed, but not so much that a reader is confused after visiting.

Landing Pages for 2013 and Beyond
Mobile computing is on the rise, and landing pages that aren’t smartphone friendly will cost you both now and later. Ideal landing pages for mobile users provide fundamental information like addresses and contact information without elements that become too fluffy or superfluous for a mobile platform.