It should come as no surprise to learn that there is no magic wand or panacea to increasing your organic traffic and improving your search engine ranking. However discouraging this may seem at first, it need not be, because while the ingredients may take work to obtain, the recipe for search engine promotion is well understood. With persistent hard work, careful planning, and a little bit of creativity, it should only take a couple of months for virtually anyone to see serious improvements to their weekly organic traffic.

The strongest source of organic traffic is useful original content. Not only is duplicated content penalized by search engines, it’s also highly discouraging to your readership. Keeping a steady flow of fresh original content allows you to appease search engine regulators and consumers at the same time. It also gives your readers a reason to return to your site and link it to others.

Whenever sources external to your website link to you, you obtain something called a back link. These links drive further traffic to your site and help search engines to determine the trustworthiness and value of your content online. Just like consumers vote for the worthiness of a product with their money, back links represent the approval of those who find your content useful enough to be linked to.